Create your own blog with just Wordpress and google drive Combi

This site was created on android (without codes) with just blogspot (for blogging, and photos upload), and googledrive app with share a link feature (15 GB for non-photos upload). There is nothing much to it. Create your own blog with menus today! Freely I received, freely I give.

Working with Google Drive

Setup File Downloads from google drive

Uploaded files with premalinks from google drive in this site.
To disable files from being played in google drive and to ensure users can download, seet this link for instructions.

Now, to force download the file from the Google Drive, all you have to do is to copy the “file ID” from the above URL and paste it in the below URL format.

For more comprehensive details and for dropbox, google drive and oneDrive, see this link

Working with WordPress

I used free account on wordpress so I can’t upload any files. As explained earlier, I uploaded my files to google drive but its a bit more troublesome.

With wordpress, you have the option of working on the mobile app (with less functionality and buggy) or on the web browser.

Solve missing blog post bug on Android

Uninstallation will not work. Have to go to android and clear app data.

Working with facebook
You can easily share articles. Just copy and paste the blog link and a thumbnail will appear.

Wrong thumbnail uploaded

Just update facebook debugger for them to recrawl you blog post.

Posting with larger thumbnail

Other free online collaboration tools

Free website management tools


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