New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)

From this book, it gives the most balanced view of the NAR in regards to apolostic movement and survey on apolostic functions in US and UK.

Download the three pdf files here

Below are some research into NAR.

What is NAR

Who founded NAR

About Peter C Wagner

In memory of him:

Critics of Peter Wagner

Critics of NAR

NAR in Britain



NAR Organisations

Harvest International Ministry (H.I.M.)

International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (I.C.A.L.)

List of People who support NAR (incl Peter C Wagner, Joyce Meyer, Rick Warren)

NAR In Singapore

Does not seem like the Methodist in Singapore is suscribing to NAR

Dr Brown meets Joseph Prince to discuss difference in a graceful manner in Singapore

News Division say Dr Brown theology associated with NAR

Daniel Chew on NAR in Singapore 

C Peter Wagner himself defends it from social media.

Pitfalls in NARM (Todd Bentley)

Who is Todd Bentley (associated with the Latter Rain Movement)

Disassociation with the Latter Rain (Not The Latter Rain Revival which is Mormonism)–World_War_II_movement)

John Piper on the NRAM. I find his reasoning most balanced do far on weighing in on both Reformed and NRAM.

NARM Defended advising disassociation with the latter rain movement

Bob DeWaay critic on NAR and LR

Some consider Reinhard Bonnke part of NAR

Again, John Piper brings a balanced perspective to the issue.

Much discernment and grace needed on both sides.

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