East Timore Language – Tetun

Free resource for Tetun (East Timore language) language class. Everybody learn using this and they have very helpful flashcards too. You can download and learn. Learn some Tetun and go to Dilli tomorrow!




East Timore Christian Songs

These beautiful songs were written or translated by the people of East Timore. I have uploaded these songs to motivate english speaking Christians to learn the songs and visit this amazing country, flowing with milk and honey. If you have any feedback or updates on the songs, please email me at runtherace2085@gmail.com. May God bless you heart. Learn some East Timore Songs today 🙂


A00 Index of ET Songs (Open / Download)

Songs List

A01a Ku Mau Cinta Yesus.mp3 (Open / Download)

A01b Ku Mau Cinta Yesus.mp3 (Open / Download)

A02a Obrigado Yesus.mp3 (Open / Download)

A02b Obrigado Yesus.mp3 (Open / Download)

A03 Besar Allahku.mp3 (Open / Download)

A04a A man O Diak.mp3 (Open / Download)

A04b Aman O Diak.mp3 (Open / Download)

A05a Jesus hau hadomi O.mp3 (Open / Download)

A05b Jesus Hau Hadomi O.mp3 (Open / Download)

A06a Domin Jesus.mp3 (Open / Download)

A06b Domin Jesus.mp3 (Open / Download)

A07a Haleu Hau.mp3 (Open / Download)

A07b Helau hau.mp3 (Open / Download)

A08 Keta Tauk.mp3 (Open / Download)

A09 Hau entraga ba.mp3 (Open / Download)

A10a Fo O Nia Todan.mp3 (Open / Download)

A10b Fo O Nia Todan.mp3 (Open / Download)

A11a Loron Ohin.mp3 (Open / Download)

A11b Lorong Oni.mp3 (Open / Download)

A12 Jesus Diak.mp3 (Open / Download)

A13a Jesus Hau Hadomi O.mp3 (Open / Download)

A13b Jesus Hau Hadomio.mp3 (Open / Download)

A20 Sel Mak Halo.mp3 (Open / Download)