Learning about Bethel Church & School of Supernatural Ministry

When I look at things happening around me, I desire to learn more about God, leave no stone unturned – while I can.

Bethel Church Website


School of Supernatural Ministry


A Christian’s Journey to Bethel Church


Telling the Christmas Story in Chinese

This is something our friend Abigail and her friend Matilda are working on for a while and they are starting a page and blog that shares activities and printables that you can use to teach your child at home.


Since teaching Mandarin is a challenge for most of us and there’s a lack of available resources out there, this is something they will focus on too. 


Thir.st – Singaporean Christian Articles on life

Born and bred in Singapore and for the region, Thir.st is an open, inclusive digital platform for young adults to gather and engage in conversations both timely and timeless for their generation. To challenge, but also to support. To provoke thought, but also to speak life.

And at the end of every story, starting with our own, we seek to represent only the Truth and to point those who pursue it towards the Light.