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Perseus Digital Library

Collection, under development since 1987, covers the history, literature and culture of the Greco-Roman world.


CDRI: Digital resources for the study of religion

The CDRI database provides access to digital images of woodcuts, photographs, slides, papyri, coins, maps, postcards, manuscripts, lithographs, sermons, shape-note tune books, and various forms of Christian art, architecture, and iconography.


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

A resource for philosophy.


The Bible compared to other ancient writings

These ancient writings can suppliment or contradict the bible but gives some world view of the ancient world. Some are in the biblical canon while others are not. Have no time to critique them yet but hope to do it one day within my 100 years of possible existence:) Some used in  biblical commentaries. Just need to be farmiliar with the scholarly world. For those who have not read through the bible before, suggest you read it first before these non authoritative texts.

The Bible

English Standard Version (ESV)


History of the bible


Other Writings



Reference text before and after Christ – grouped according to book type


Reference text after Christ – grouped according to approximate dates published